A very big “THANK YOU” for this kind and unsolicited testimonial from Utah lawyer, Travis Christiansen.

I put together the digital LegalMinds Mastermind almost 3 years ago because I don’t believe traditional marketing works any more. People DO NOT like being interrupted with commercials and advertisements—especially lawyer ads.

In fact, truth be told, most lawyers market their practice a certain way because “that’s what everyone else in town is doing.” They don’t know any better. Frankly, it’s not their fault.


Two big problems with old school “out of date” lawyer marketing are (1) it’s expensive and, (2) it just doesn’t work anymore.

In my Mastermind, I show you how I’m using social media 24/7 to build relationships, bring in new cases and create new business opportunities from all over the world. Become part of my community, and you can immediately learn how to use social media to build your digital brand and increase revenue!

Learn more by visiting my LegalMinds Mastermind at or grabbing a quick phone call with me to discuss the mastermind in detail via

Connect directly with Travis in Utah here

If you’re ready to expand your brand from local to global, my mastermind community is here for you.

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