I’ve created a new online private mediation service, using live video, for lawyers, their clients, and business owners. The service is and frankly, bringing mediation into the cloud, using live video, is a professional service that is long overdue.

I’m doing this for three reasons.

First, people need this service. In today’s world, everyone now appreciates the ease, power, and convenience of cloud-based services and live video that can you can participate in from almost anywhere. Add to this the health and safety benefits of smart social distancing, and live video mediations are a no brainer.

Second, I believe the business disruption we’re experiencing has already resulted in a permanent pivot- a new business model that’s happening in real-time right before our eyes. Cloud-based services, working from home, ease/convenience, and social spacing options are all now top priorities in law, business, and when putting the consumer’s best interest first.

Third, the number of claims and of litigation matters are increasing, while because of the value of time, expense, and now social distancing, the access to mediation is decreasing. Lawyers, clients and business owners now have an easy and cost effective, private live video option, to mediate disputes from their homes and offices.

Look, I’ve been practicing law for 34 years and enjoy helping people more than ever. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in business and law, it’s that “the only constant is change.” I watched this happen with the fax machine, internet, social media, online research and today, with cloud and live video technology.

I encourage you to embrace this constant change and keep moving forward. I’m here for you. When you’re ready to get your case resolved, reach out. We’ll do it together using live video from your office or home.



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