My Book: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs

Now on Amazon: Mitch’s new book- “The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs” <a href="" target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>

Social Media Tips from some of the best experts on the planet!

In addition to sharing my personal proven approach to social media and digital (it’s helped my firm bring in million dollar cases), I’m also excited to give you immediate access to the crowdsourced mindset and expertise of leading professionals from around the world who show you how they approach each major social media platform to build their brands and dominate their markets.

But here’s something else that’s critically important you need to know.
My new book gives you much more than simple “how to” tips on setting up and using the social media platforms. Frankly, those books are already out there. In fact, many of these answers are simply a quick Google search away.

This book is different, raises the bar, and adds value unlike ever before. It’s a focused effort that shares tips with you from some of the brightest marketing, branding, and communication experts in the world. You don’t just learn how to set up a platform, you learn how to effectively communicate on that platform. And frankly, that’s where the magic happens.

There’s a New Reality on Social Media

The fact is, the world is changing at an exponentially fast pace. Consumer expectations are changing quickly too.

To have an impact on social media, you must take these changes into consideration. The consumer is holding all the cards. Attention spans are incredibly selective, and everything they want or need is a tap or swipe away.

Understand this new dynamic, and you’ll be in good shape. Failing to change what you’re doing and how you’re doing it is going to expose you to an uncomfortable reality check.

Another thing that’s changing on social media is how consumers are interpreting the context of your content. They’re reading between the digital lines and whether you know it or not, the message you are sending is often time much more than what’s in your last post or comment.

Your community is talking about you 24/7 on a global level. For this reason, I show you in my new book how to create and share content, the right way and in the proper context, so that consumers will appreciate, understand, and share your content. Even more important, people digesting your content will be compelled to take action.

My new book is about understanding the customer journey and embracing the consumer experience on social media. It’s about building relationships and communicating on a global level.

It’s about building your brand, top of mind awareness, and your business.

You’ll see why you need to unlearn your old outdated habits and start disrupting your industry, who you are, how you market, how you interact with your audience, and how you build your brand on social media. Chapters contributed by global experts will give you the blueprint you need to take action and change everything in 2019 and for many years to come after that.

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