In life, there’s often quite a bit more than what first meets the eye. This trial verdict didn’t just happen because I spent two weeks in a jury trial. It happened because of the prior 25+ years of my life.

In the video, I share the details. I think the ideas and mindsets apply to most of us no matter what we do for a living.

This case started back in 1994 after my clients rejected a $1.00 settlement offer (that’s not a typo– it was a one dollar offer from the other side’s insurance company). Their son had been killed while riding his jet ski at Lake Havasu, after being struck head on by another watercraft. We we’re trying to settle a claim brought against the other driver/rider.

This case involved an incorrect/false police blood test report, and so much more. In the video, I share a few things I still think about to this day and, several good trial lawyer tips and strategies.

I’ll be sharing more trial lawyer war stories over the next several months. Don’t miss my next upload. For the new lawyers out there, this is the stuff they don’t teach you in law school.

It was an honor helping this family find justice for the wrongful death of their son. I’m glad I can share part of their story with you.

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Thank you!

Mitch Jackson
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