Nicole Abboud LegalMinds Testimonial

Nicole Abboud is the CEO of Abboud Media, a modern video marketing and podcasting agency driving creativity in the legal profession with a focus on connecting lawyer + client.

After practicing law for 5 years, Nicole decided to un-hang her shingle and launch Abboud Media. Now, she combines her understanding of the legal profession with her knowledge of content marketing to help lawyers build their brands and practices. During her time as a lawyer, Nicole immersed herself in the marketing, branding, and business development side of her legal practice. She quickly discovered that she was much more interested in working with lawyers rather than against them.

In 2015, Nicole dove deep into content marketing and branding with the launch of her podcast, The Gen Why Lawyer, which was awarded with a spot on the ABA’s Top 100 Blawgs of 2016. It has been featured in the ABA Journal and The Daily Journal. You can connect with Nicole here is a new cutting-edge legal mastermind community hosted by award winning trial lawyer, Mitch Jackson. It was created to help members embrace digital and expand their brand from local to global! Learn more at

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