Savar, Bangladesh Rana Building Collapse Charity Fund – BLFCC and Bangla School

The Savar Rana Building Collapse caused much devastation in Bangladesh. The Bose Law Firm Charity Company is striving to assist those in need of funds for medical care, basic amenities, and long term rehabilitative assistance. Our focus is on the sponsorship of 10 families affected by the disaster.

With this Fund, our donors will know the people they help through video and pictures. All monies will be directly handed to those in need. The recipients will know who have helped them via teleconferences and video. This is a unique opportunity to help those who need assistance the most.

Many organizations are collecting money for faceless victims. The BLF Charity Company in this cooperation with the DC Bangla School BCCDI differs in that we offer you a chance to change lives and know the people you have helped….personally. It is the story of us helping those in need and watching our good deeds blossom.

Donations are being taken by the children of the Bangla School via the BCCDI. Tax Exempt and Tax deductible.

Please mail your checks made payable to BCCDI with “Savar Fund” in the memo section to:

BCCDI Savar Bangladesh Fund
313 N. Glebe Road Suite #209
Arlington, VA 22203

Questions: Attorney Sudeep Bose 703-581-4050

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