Thank You David Meerman Scott at Tony Robbins Business Mastery Florida 2017

Unexpected pleasure to be mentioned by David Merriman Scott at this weekends Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event in Florida (2,000 in audience). David’s topic was Newsjacking and you can watch a portion of the livestream video here.

More about Mitch

He’s an award-winning 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year, who enjoys combining law, social media and livestreaming to disrupt, hack, and improve his clients’ companies, causes, and professional relationships. He believes that to earn the consumer’s time and attention, we all need to create outstanding and unique content and then share that content in the proper context. Adding our unique voice, personality and song to the effort is a necessity and will help us stand out from everyone else in town.

During his presentations, Mitch shares 30 years of experience to help you move forward at an exponential pace to be unique, amplify your voice, and reach your goals. He walks his talk and using the same approaches he talks about during his presentations; Mitch has expanded his California firm into a global brand. He’ll show you how to do this too.

Because Mitch believes that mobile friendly social, digital, and livestreaming technology are the future of law and business, Mitch is “all in” when it comes to helping and protecting entrepreneurs and business owners and showing them how to build their digital footprint. He also believes that to remain relevant to today’s world, you must do all this while showing your human side and connecting with others at the human level.

Say hello to Mitch on Twitter @MitchJackson and over on his livestreaming oriented blog http://Streaming.Lawyer. You can say connected on Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, and most of the other social media platforms at

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