The question isn’t if you’re going to need a lawyer, it’s when.

As someone who’s been practicing law for more than thirty years and who has helped thousands of clients with their legal needs, I excited to share this inexpensive legal plan service with you. This is the exact kind of protection I’ve been telling you about during my interviews, livestreams, and from stages around the country!

Business Opportunity

If you’re interested in adding a new revenue source to your business and life efforts, then you should join my legal plan team. There’s good reason why this 30+ year established company protects and empowers 4.15 million lives serving 140,000 businesses.

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Membership Plans

Almost every single friend of mine who has a family and owns an business should have a legal plan. Watch the video to see how this legal plan can protect you, your family, and your business.

I’m talking about an established service with 1.6 million members in all 50 states with 24/7 access to emergency legal counsel. No rookies, law clerks or paralegals. Just experienced lawyers who have your best interest in mind.

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Mitch Jackson, Esq.


There are many large companies, municipalities, school districts, and unions who offer the legal plan membership to their employees in their benefit plans.

Several prominent individuals, who use and endorse the legal plan membership include the former Attorney General of Mississippi, Michael Moore (filed the class action against big tobacco which settled for $368.5 billion); Mary Fallin, former Oklahoma Governor and Attorney General, and Mark Shurtleff, former Attorney General of Utah.

If you’re interested in becoming part of my legal plan team, my recommendation is to (1) become an associate, (2) get your family or business membership, and share with others who can benefit from the membership, business opportunity, or both.

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