Every day you talk to new potential clients who need legal help. Often times the person or company has a case involving a legal matter you don’t handle or for whatever reasons, you don’t want to refer out to another attorney in town.

In the past, all you could do was turn the potential client away and wish them luck. When you do this, the potential client still has unresolved legal problems. Some will even feel like you let them down by not taking their case.

Instead of turning these people away, you can do what I do. I suggest during a phone or email that they consider an inexpensive legal plan. I then share my legal plan link with all the info. Often times my front office does all this for me.

The potential client is given options and if they sign up for the legal plan, they get legal help. They appreciate the fact that I’ve given them options and simply didn’t reject their case. At the same time, I get paid a commission if they become a plan member. Everyone is happy and it’s win-win for everyone involved.

Watch this short video and click this link for all the details and to get started offering your own legal plans

To give you an idea about the kind of info I share with a potential client, here’s a link to the page I send people to (you can do the same thing).

Pretty cool right 😉

Mitch Jackson, Esq.

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