Victim changed her mind. Is my Virginia Domestic Assault and Battery dropped? No!

Virginia #Domestic #Assault and #Battery cases under #18.2-57.2 of the Virginia Code is a class 1 misdemeanor with severe consequences to collateral rights of the Defendant. In addition to reputation, there are other issues including job security, background investigations, firearms rights, and possible deportation.

What happens if the alleged victim changes their mind., changes their statement or simply does not want to go forward with the prosecution? Is the case dropped automatically? The answer is likely – No.

Attorney Bose, a former police officer and senior attorney of the Bose Law Firm explains the nuances of evidence and explains what will likely happen in the courts of Virginia. The answer is not simple and nothing happens in Virginia automatically as a matter of course.

Sudeep Bose, Esq.
Bose Law Firm, PLLC – Led by a Former Police Officer.
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