You Win Your Domestic Violence | Protective Order Case. Now What? How do you restore things?

Virginia Assault and Battery known as Domestic Violence 18.2-57.2 cases and Protective Order cases 16.1-279.1 or 19.2-152.10 are stressful and most attorneys focus on the defense elements only – how to win at trial. But what happens after you win your case in court? How do you return home and restart your life? How do you make amends and move past the trauma of Court? How do you get your life back to before any of this ever happened? These are questions not asked by many Virginia attorneys.

But Bose takes a different approach. It is not for everyone – only those seeking a way to make the relationship work in the long term. In this video, Attorney Sudeep Bose of the Bose Law talks about two recent trials in which the charges were dismissed against his clients. He talks about the emotions involved in these cases and outlines a path for getting things back on track with your domestic partner – if you chose to make amends.

Not all cases end with the parties getting back together, but Bose, after 22 years of litigation experience has observed that most relationships do settle over time – for those relationships (those open to reconciliation and amends), the very first words you speak after court or after getting home can be the most important. Take responsibility and be accountable – Do not use your victory in Court as a sword. Your victory in court is not important – your lifetime together and your family are paramount – especially if children are involved.

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